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Super Safari Level 1 - Class Audio CDs

Korice knjige Super Safari Level 1 - Class Audio CDs

Autor: Herbert Puchta , Günter Gerngross , Peter Lewis-Jones

Super Safari American English edition is a three-level pre-primary English course that welcomes very young children to English through stories, songs, and plenty of playtime while supporting their cognitive, motor-sensory, and social development. The Class Audio CDs Level 1 contain all the listening material to use with the Student's Book Level 1 and Workbook Level 1 together with happy action songs and chants to make learning memorable and fun.

1280,00 RSD
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  • ISBN: 9781107481817
  • Dimenzije: 136x192 mm
  • Težina: 40 g
  • Broj stranica:
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