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Super Safari Level 1 - Letters and Numbers Workbook

Korice knjige Super Safari Level 1 - Letters and Numbers Workbook


Join Polly, Leo, Mike, and Gina on an exciting adventure that welcomes children to English through colourful stories, action songs, arts and crafts, and tons of fun. With children's development needs in mind, Super Safari American English edition introduces the new language through play while improving memory and concentration; practicing motor-sensory skills and developing thinking and creativity. Together with their animal friends, children also discover the fascinating world around them and the joy of playing together, the importance of sharing, and other social values. Join the adventure, join Super Safari for a super start to learning.

Karakteristike proizvoda

  • ISBN: 9781316609491
  • Dimenzije: 219x276 mm
  • Težina: 292 g
  • Broj stranica: 96

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